About visalia*snark

Everyone asks who I am.

And I would love to tell you…. But see, there’s this thing I have called a JOB and it would put my paycheck in a compromise if I revealed exactly who I am. So let’s just say I’m no one in particular. I feel I could speak for the entire under-35 population of Visalia, and sometimes I feel like I AM the under-35 population.

But that’s just a load of crap. There’s plenty of us milling around, and this blog serves as either an outlet of frustrations or a spotlight on something great. Depends on my mood and yours.

I’m also looking to add a few other local voices to this blog, if you’re interested. Email me at visaliasnark at yahoo daught calm or leave a comment here.

You can also find me at myspace.com/visaliasnark or at twitter.com/visaliasnark.



  1. amber d. yada Said:

    beautiful site, friend! almost brings tears to my eyes! i grew up in visalia and moved to san francisco in search of culture. by golly i found it, but there are assholes everywhere you go, and they’re always trying to suck the fun and art out of every creature and created thing. i’m glad a fresh breeze is reaching dear old v-town, maybe the sway will work the other way (i.e. artists shall overthrow the soulless jerks)!

    shout out to miss alphabet fashions for guding me to this site!

  2. Paco-chan Said:

    I just found your blog about a week ago through random clicking through Twitter. I still live here and I’m quite glad there are more people who still appreciate the place for what it is and not for what it’s slowly becoming.

  3. Cindy Wathen Said:

    Fellow Valley writers, literary lovers or friends,

    I’ve been meaning to let you know that several months back Poets & Writers Magazine graciously set up a Yahoogroups literary listserv for Valley writers, publishers, booksellers, librarians, publicists, literary event coordinators and others. They already run thriving listserves for northern and southern California, so we’re thrilled to have one of our own. At present, we have about 72 members from Bakersfield to Sacramento.

    A Valley literary listserv is a great place for Central California writers or other event coordinators to announce Valley-wide literary events, freelance opportunities or other writing discussions.

    If you think that you or others would be interested in participating, please help us to spread the word. It’s a great chance for us to pull together and support each others’ efforts. Join in the discussion!

    For those who are interested, simply go to:


    If you don’t already have a YahooGroups account, then you’ll need to set one up. It’s a really simple process. Then once you’re on the list, you can simply send your announcements to the following email address, and it’ll go out to the list:


    Any questions, just ask.

    Take care,



  4. This is a cool site. glad to see fellow bloggers in Visalia. I moved up here 6 months ago and was LAUGHED at when i suggested sending out an E-VITE for a party we were going to have. My husbands (who is from here) response was, “are you kidding? Some of my friend don’t even have email addresses!”

    Anyway, happy to see fellow computer using Visalians!

  5. Profound Said:

    This site is sooo lame!!!!The most one sided<one place loving(Celler Door),site for info i have ever seen….Sorry the entire youth of america doesnt think ur stupid indy music scene is the coolest thing in the world!!!!I swear u little Indy dudes come off as so bitter and so thinking your coll when really you cats r wack!!!

  6. Profound Said:

    And you dont tell your name because your a little scarred bitch that hides behind your computer…..If you gave everyone a fair chance you wouldnt have to hide behind your lame little computer….I really wish you exposed yourself!!!!

  7. Bee Said:

    I just wanna introduce myself as a fellow intellegent visalian, since we are such a small contigent in the area. I’m Bee and your blog on crawdaddy’s almost made me have a seizure. It’s so true. What a touch of class and decorum the establishment has brought to our fair city. Where are the under 30’s who don’t act like they’re actually under 10? No. Seriously? Where are they?

  8. mjULTRA Said:

    Yeah, Visalia Snark! Give ‘everyone a fair chance!!’ … What a spaz.

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