KFSC 94.1 FM

I would like to announce to my friends, my loved ones and anyone else in the world who is reading this that I love KFSC like a fat kid loves cake. I randomly tuned in today to a really interesting chat show about Visalia issues and news (hells yes, I’m not the only local culture whore out there!).

Problem is, I don’t know what it was called or when it played or what it sounds like or if this was all a dream (my vote is for the latter because KFSC is That. Awesome.). I only heard it on the 5 minute drive to my boring non-snarky life that has taken over my way cool snarky fun life lately. Does anyone know what it was or who did it?

In any case, I highly recommend turning your radio dial to 94.1 on every half an hour and running some kind of voice recognition software to see who that dude was for me. And then you should probably stalk him for me too, then get arrested for trespassing for me. It’s all I ask.

(I suppose I could post a comment to and ask them myself if I wanted, but what’s the fun in that? I’m trying to get AWAY from the stupid boring non-snark world I have to put up with every day.)



  1. DAVe Said:

    12-1pm House Mix Cherry
    1-2pm The Advantage with Garret Ellis
    2-3pm Sea of Blackness
    3-5pm The Other Side
    5-6pm Culture Visalia
    6-7pm Central Valley Hip Hop Showcase
    7-9pm In The Honor
    9-11pm Positive Vibrations
    11-1pm Across The Pond

    and will repeat every 13 hours, until Wednesday afternoon.

  2. DAVe Said:

    here a snark once thrived

  3. DAVe Said:


  4. Alien Vice Said:

    nothing to see here. move along.

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