What Visalia does with MySpace (no no, this time it’s legal — and amazing!)

This is what happens when you have a little time to kill and you choose MySpace as your murder weapon: you click on friends of friends of friends and then you stumble upon some awesome stuff happening in your corner of the world AND the world, simultaneously.

For the local bands

559 Band Index

This is the place for bands in the 559 to post bulletins and befriend each other. Someone who works for the COS newspaper put out an all-points bullletin with a tantalizing offer: List your band and possibly get reviewed in the paper. Looks like there’s lots of rock/punk/metal/hardcore stuff so far. Come on you mariachi/folk/polka/marching bands! Show ’em what you’re made of!

Concrete Culture

If you liked the idea of free reviews/publicity of your music in print, you will probably like the idea of free airplay even more. Concrete Culture is now looking for local bands and musicians of all types to play on 94.1 FM, the community radio station which is possibly the best thing to happen to Visalia since Aaron Gomes and is worthy of a whole ‘nother separate post, but for right now, yeah, send all of your music to Concrete Culture!

(This MySpace could also easily fit in the category below, but since I just happened to catch Concrete Culture’s bulletin about the bands, I decided to stick it in this one.)

For the artists

Visalia Art Community

One thing that MySpace does not do well is groups. It doesn’t track any group activity on your home page, neither does it integrate it into anything else you normally do on MySpace. But it helps to just have a directory of people who are interested in the same thing to start contacting each other. In that case, Visalia Art Community gets a humongous thumbs up from me. (And Tom gets a giant complaint letter about the interface of his dumb site, with which we all have to work extra hard to make it any useful.)

For the filmmakers

Entandem Productions

This group is all about independent film — and the making of it — right here in the Central Valley.

Their words: “Entandem Productions is as dedicated to local economic development as we are to original art. We use San Joaquin Valley locations and talent to produce locally made films for national and international distribution.”

They are also the sponsor of the fresnofilmmakersforum.com, which we just missed but judging by the overwhelming turnout will be held again, for sure.

For the political activists

Food Not Bombs Visalia

A brand new Visalia chapter of the nationwide group Food Not Bombs “collects surplus food that would otherwise go to waste from grocery stores, bakeries and markets, then prepare it into community meals which are served for free to anyone who is hungry.” Simple enough — then you add the messages of peace and vegetarianism to the mix, which makes for a very unique soup kitchen. All hungry hippies apply!

Know any more?

Leave a comment here if you know of any other group out there doing something amazing with MySpace that involves Visalia. Or message me at my MySpace, because while sometimes I will browse the bulletins to see if something catches my eye, most of the time I will not bother with clicking on 200 “I updated my music on my profile! Comment because I need your approval to exist” notices. (And if you’re doing that, for the love of God please stop it.)


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