High schools wrestle for leather this weekend

Yes. It is the big big high school football rivalry week, and whether you’re duking it out for a leather saddle or fighting to the finish for the leather skin straight off of a cow, here at visalia*snark, we appreciate a bit of good-natured trash-talking. The Battle for the Saddle game between Golden West and El Diamante high schools is so new it’s still wearing diapers (like many of El D’s squad), but the Cowhide game between Mt. Whitney and Redwood high schools has been around since the ’50s (like many of the Redwood players’ girlfriends).

As you can tell, I’m a big supporter of the underdogs, so GO teams that will likely lose!

In the comments link above, commence the talking of the trash.



  1. Dan Said:

    So, If I had gone to either school, I’m sure I would invent reasons to care, like the crazies who guard our borders against all those terrible immigrants supplying our collective fruit basket. But I didn’t. So, I’ll say that cowhide is silly.
    Especially since Redwood wins nine times out of ten. Can we just admit the dominant member of the relationship already? I don’t know if it’s the psychological boost of being in existence for so long( 195?), or if Whitney is just addicted to choking, but the numbers don’t lie. So can we just let them keep the dang cow part already?

  2. joe Said:

    I somehow got involved helping out Redwood kids at the cowhide. I”m not a big sports guy, but I will say that the Mineral King Bowl (is it still called that?) was the loudest place I have been in Visalia for a long time. I even met families with three generations that had attended, religiously. If only we could transfer that energy to a productive cause.

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