Dude. Dude. There’s something happening in Visalia this weekend. DUUUUUUDE!

I know this weekend has just slipped away, but I’m already thinking forward to next weekend, far past the monotonous hours at my cubicle being forced to listen to 98.9, “your favorite soft rock hits,” which, by the way, is NONE, I DON’T HAVE A FAVORITE SOFT ROCK HIT, THANKYOUVERYMUCH JOHN F-ING TESH.

(Maybe “Sailing” by Christopher Cross, but that’s IT.)

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to next weekend because there’s actually something to do in town, other than stare at a screen typing up all the stuff to do in town. Or maybe I’m just speaking for me.

Here’s 3 oh-my-god-that’s-AWESOME events this weekend that I know of so far:

Arts Trolley – Oct. 27

I always get as giddy as a school*snark when Arts Trolley time rolls around. Every year the downtown trolley picks you up and drops you off at different arts venues downtown. That includes the performance venues and theaters, art galleries (yes, that’s a plural!), music centers and other spots specifically set up for the trolley.

However, I haven’t seen a single news article or website on it this year. Google says NADA about it. The only way I found out about it is through an advertisement in the paper. And they say advertising in newspapers is a waste of money. (They’re usually right.)

Anyway, just show up downtown Oct. 27 (this Saturday) from 11 to 3 pm, and the trolley will give you a free ride to open houses at these places:

  • Spottedhorse Academy Arts
  • Arenas Fine Art Gallery
  • Rococo Styles and Bead Gallery
  • Easelheads Gallery
  • Visalia Convention Center
  • The Enchanted Playhouse
  • Tulare County Symphony
  • Sierra Performing Arts
  • ImagineU Children’s Museum
  • Icehouse Theatre
  • The Creative Center
  • Arts Visalia Gallery

I am a bit disappointed they’re leaving the COS Gallery out of the loop this year, but whatthehell. I’ll take what I can get.

The ad mentions prizes and food, but I don’t seem to remember much food in years past, unless it was that bowl of pretzels in the Creative Center, which is good enough for me.

The ad also mentions to get stamped by at least 6 places for a grand prize drawing SO GRAND that you don’t know what the prize is, other than the fact that you’ve just visited at least 6 artists hubs in downtown Visalia. Which, again, is also good enough for me, as I am easily amused.

Also, don’t forget to walk all through the Montgomery Square galleries (many of them are listed above). They’re open on more days than just Saturday, and because they’re tucked in between Tazzeria and El Tarasco, many people don’t know they exist. This is about the coolest thing Visalia has done recently to promote the arts. It may sometimes be old ladies’ art, but old ladies can be extremely talented! (Yes, you, Abby Rubinstein!)

Guitar Hero Tournament – Oct. 27

I mourn the Tuesday night Guitar Hero at Crawdaddy’s, mostly because the public is stupid and never went, and also because I never went. Well I won’t be as stupid as the public again, because there is going to be a kick-ass Guitar Hero II tournament, a gaming tournament the likes of Visalia has never seen before!

(Well, if you’re a super geek, then the likes of Visalia has seen GigaFrag, which is ironically held on the same exact day.)

If you’re unfamiliar to the beauty that is Guitar Hero, watch as this 8-year-old on YouTube pwns y00. It’s like Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers. (And again with the freakish children YouTube clips.)

People who criticize the guitar heroes out there for playing Guitar Hero and not learning how to play real guitar are, frankly, communists. It’s like telling a Tetris addict, “Why don’t you learn how to catch and rotate falling brick shapes in REAL LIFE, dumbass?”

So this tournament is at the Fox Theatre from 12-9 pm. It’s $3 to watch, $20 to play, and the top award is $200. And the Widders perform, too (formerly the Cacti Widders, but JD’s doing his own thing now.) Totally worth the price of admission if you haven’t seen the local rockabilly heroes perform.

Everything else you wanted to know, including how to sign up, can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/rockatthefox.

Here’s a very funny interview with the guy putting on the event, at the brand spankin’ new From the Monkey blog. I do like me some snark and I take back nearly a third the bad things I said about What’s Up Central Valley. (Perhaps if he’s nice I’ll add another fourth to the things I’ll take back, which is, if you flip the reciprocal and divide its cross-numbers after you carry the nine, would equal about 472%.)

Download a gigantenormous poster of the event here. Why? Because this post doesn’t have enough links in it.

Sundays at the Oval – Oct. 28

Come on… it’s almost Halloween, and what could be scarier than the Oval after dark?

But there’s good news for scaredy-cats: This event is during daylight hours. (Um, mostly.)

It’s from 2-7 pm Oct. 28 and it’s put on by the wicked cool people from 94.1 FM . (I was just listening today and they’re playing things like Radiohead and the Flaming Lips alongside local hip-hop and reggae! It’s all local people putting the programs together, and the station only broadcasts in the Visalia area only, so screw you Fresno!)

Anyway, the event will have music, food, the infamous city council North Side debate somewhere in there, along with performances from bands like:

  • Conjunto Califas
  • Lunchbox
  • Grupo Aji
  • Yohan Lahu

(I know Lunchbox is always a grand time, but I haven’t heard of the other 3.)

All the info you need is on this image here:

I think the whole point of this event is to break the negative reputation the Oval has. So if you don’t come, I officially declare you a chicken. And possibly racist. Bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk.


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