Sweet, sweet local podcasts

Podcasts are wonderful. They let any moron with a microphone and a computer host their own online radio show, which gets downloaded 5 times by family members and lasts about 3 weeks before the said moron gets bored and goes back to bean-counting for a living.

But some people are natural-born podcasters who withstand that test of time, and some of those happen to hail from our beloved center of the universe called Visalia.

I now listen to 3 on a regular basis, so when I’m on long drives to get the hell away from the center of the universe called Visalia, I can still keep that digital tether intact.

The Jaded Visalian

Get jaded, Visalia: TheJadedVisalian.com rocks. I’ve linked to these guys in my blogroll but feel extra-special now that visalia*snark got a shoutout in their latest podcast. So here’s a shout straight back.

About them: Dave and Jen are self-described “misfit Christians,” a fun couple who have a knack for making the everyday stuff entertaining, which is an oh-so-important survival skill when you live in V-Town. They can make a casserole cookoff sound totally w00t-worthy.

Expect to hear: Updates on their day-to-day lives, silly stories about their kids, and an occasional outburst of mariachi music any time they mention Mexico.

Maxeamus Radio Exito

I remember listening in back in the day when RealAudio was the latest in cutting-edge Internet sound technology. And the tagline is still the same: “Broadcasting from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Visalia, California.” Which is great, because while Visalia isn’t beautiful or sandy, it is indeed white.

About him: this is long-time local internet radio-veteran-slash-hero New Seamus and his newest musical reincarnation.

Expect to hear: Lots of great indie rock music interspersed with observances and life updates by the host. Usually not safe for work, as New Seamus has a tender affection for the f-bomb. Also docks organized religion in a big way, so if you’re easily offended, cover your ears. He also co-hosts another podcast called…

It’s Weird to be Alive

A super-entertaining pseudo-intellectual couple-cast talk show. It’s New Seamus and his wife and it’s part of the Maxeamus Radio Exito network.

About them: According to their theme song, “New Seamus and Berkson fell in love and they made this kick-ass show, so today’s your lucky day!” That’s all you need to know. And yes, it truly is weird to be alive.

Expect to hear: Organic discussions on life and music and personal stories, mixed in with lots of cussing and couple-banter (the highly enjoyable kind). They also occasionally have special guests if they so feel like it.

So those are my top 3 Visalia-based podcasts. My iTunes is finding a whole lot more when I search for “Visalia,” but I haven’t had the time to really listen to them. I know lots of local churches are putting their sermons online to download, too. I’m also seeing some other interesting titles that I’ll have to check out sometime soon.

And, as always, if you know of any that you think I’d like, leave them in the comments below…


Here’s one more.

El Diamante video podcast

About them: I just spoke to Jim Sill at El Diamante and he and his students are putting together a fantastic video podcast that should start broadcasting again by the end of the week. They’ve been pulled directly from their monthly magazine-style TV show at El Diamante High School. He says he’s got some segments in the bag already, it’s just a matter of posting them to the videocast. Click here to subscribe via iTunes. It’s called “On Air with Ed Hews” there.

Expect to hear:  “News, entertainment, commercials, and humor,” according to the podcast description, and from what I’ve seen from last year’s students, it’s going to be top quality.


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