No-show candidate is a yes-show after all!

RUMOR #1: Tim Fosberg, the famously hard-to-get-a-hold-of candidate for city council, is now gotten a hold of! Or, has now been hold of gotten, or has gotten a hold of them, or…

Whatever. The organizers for the Oval Park city council debate on Oct. 28 told me they got a call from the man, the mystery, the Fosberg himself. AND!…

RUMOR #2: He said he found out about it via “the web.” Which can only mean…

RUMOR #3: Visalia*Snark has reached official rumor-mill cult status in Visalia! Or,

RUMOR #4: I am so full of myself I believe I am the only thing with Tim Fosberg’s name on it on the web. However,

FACT #1: According to Google, I just about am.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, Tim Fosberg, I’m sorry about the thing I said about the thing and stuff. Go Tim!

Apparently, the organizers still need to contact Rusty Barker and… yes, my lovely woman Mary Wheeler, without whom I shall cease the will to live. My hope and prayer is that the event will be wheelchair-accessible to accommodate Ms. Wheeler, the most awesomest awesome candidate the world has ever known. FACT #2.


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