Indiana Jones and the Fresno of DOOOM

Harrison Ford has survived snake pits, Darth Vader attacks and that horribly annoying girl in American Graffiti.

Now let’s see how he handles Fresno.

Part of the next chapter of Indiana Jones will be filmed at some exotic (or lame, depending on your point of view) airport in Fresberg. Expect loud explosions in the area and calls into the police from residents fearing a terrorist attack. Should be fun, and if the Fresno Beehive has anything to say about it, it’s the Greatest Thing Ever in Fresno History™. (Better than K-Fed’s birth? I don’t THINK so.)

And to make matters more snarky, they painted the whole airport to look like it’s in Mexico.

Insert your punchline in the comments above…

[EDIT: The Fresnan blog was kind enough to add me to their blogroll, so I thought I’d be kind enough to link to their video of the Indy Jones drooling mass mania happening in Fresno right now. Did I say drool? Because DROOOOOOOOOOL.]



  1. Furanku Said:

    harrison ford rocks!!!!

    indiana jones is an awesome series!!!!!

    its about time something good comes out of fresno!!!!!!

  2. ManChu Said:

    My ManChu comes outta Fresno bitches. It’s fuckin’ good and has been cumin’ out of Fresno for years.

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