Candidates who dare step foot on the north side? Oh it is ON!

I don’t know if this whole thing was sparked by an off-hand comment by Tim Fosberg, a city council candidate who asked at the forum a few weeks ago why there were no council meetings or forums on the north side (represent!).

But guess what, beeeyatches, there WILL BE ONE!

Oct. 28, 2-7 pm, the world-famous Oval Park. (There will also be music, so hopefully the candidates will bring their dancing shoes, and the city as a whole will laugh at them.)

One of the event coordinators contacted me and said they have half the candidates lined up already (and apparently — I’m not making this up — Tim Fosberg is nowhere to be found.)

I am so excited to have these people face the reality of the other, less-pretty, historical downtown and answer their questions, like “why don’t you give a shit about us” and “why are you all white.” And I will pay one of them to say “birth right” to both questions. And it will be awesome.

I will also be asking my homegirl Mary Wheeler if she is a true O.G. She’ll probably deny it, ask what an O.G. is, and then her magical answer win the hearts and minds of the universe. My plans to make her President of the World will work, and we will live in harmony for the rest of our lives.

[EDIT: My apologies to candidate Roland Lee Soltesz, who may or may not be white. I just… um….. this is embarrasing… I…. can’t… tell….. :/…. can you?]



  1. DAVe Said:

    It’s a hungrian or austrian name. White as white can be. Unless adopted or mixed marriage.

  2. DAVe Said:

    Birth Right? You are a blogging genius

  3. […] the event will have music, food, the infamous city council North Side debate somewhere in there, along with performances from bands […]

  4. Alien Vice Said:

    Bwahahaha! I will not miss the event for the world…. But throw in a coupla other planets, and i’ll reconsider.

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