The Visalia Fox — Vicente, that is

It’s true. The former president of our neighbor nation to the south — that’s Mexico for all you who flunked geography — comes to Visalia for no particular reason whatsoever. (Come on, an event named BizTalk? How about PoliticoTalk, ImmigTalk or LetMyPeopleGo-Talk?)

Whatever. If you’re pro-loosening of the borders, Mr. Fox (not to be confused with my beloved Kopi of Fox 26) would have seemed a hero. If you’re pro-tightening the borders, you may have seen his very presence in the country as evidence that the border patrol is not doing their job. If you’re a racist bastard, who cares what you think. Stop taking up space on the Times-Delta boards and shut up already.

In any case, the visit should be marked in Visalia’s historical books as “The Day That President Guy Came to Sell His Book.

And that should be appreciated by any Visalian, whatever side of the fence you stand on.

(Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.)


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