Crawdaddy’s goes ghetto

I actually used to like Crawdaddy’s. I didn’t hold it too much against them that their big honkin’ way-past-deadline construction problems forced Magical Cakes and Mystical Teas out of business. The food is good, I like the mixed-zoning idea of someone’s apartment being upstairs. You turn in a movie ticket stub, get 20% off, and when you order their spaghetti creole value meal with the discount, you get a drink and a huge delicious plate of spaghetti with a nice little kick for only about $5. They used to do Guitar Hero nights every Tuesday, until the general Visalia public were too lame and stupid to show up. I hate you, general public.

And while they serve the raddest cocktails outside of Tommy’s, it just got too expensive to drink there, so I had stopped going for about a month or two.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been as shocked to see what the place has become. But I was. And it’s, um, er, uh, wow.

They now have a hip-hop DJ downstairs from Tuesday through Saturday and a live band upstairs on Fridays. (I’m all for live music, but the clientele you attract for the DJ make fighting to get to the staircase NOT worth the effort.) Lines are out the FREAKIN’ DOOR to get in on the weekend. Which is sad: I don’t want to consume my spaghetti creole in a dance club, for god’s sake.

Right, well, nightlife in Visalia, sure, hurray and all that crap. But leave me the spaghetti in peace, thankyouverymuch.



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  2. devoya Said:

    No more magical cakes and mystical teas? WTF? Guess I haven’t been to Visalia in awhile. Sad…so sad…

  3. d-rail Said:

    ghetto isn’t in the street fighting ,,white trash is

  4. barkos Said:

    I didn’t know that that was the reason Magical Cakes went out of business! Damn that sucks. Screw Crawdadd’ys.

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