Mary Wheeler for President!!

Before I begin, I have to say that my hatred for KSEE 24 is compounded by the fact that 1) they don’t have a Comcast On Demand section while 4 other local networks do, 2) I can’t tell Stefani Booroojian and Alex Delgado apart (not their fault, but whoever does the hiring needs to rethink their strategies), and 3) the serious lack of Kopi Sotiropulous does damage to my serotonin levels.

Anyway, after struggling to download the stupid, stupid KSEE 24 video and having finally seen the Visalia City Council forum via other, more illicit means, I have come to this simple conclusion: Mary Wheeler is severely shortcoming herself with this meager run for Podunk City Council.

She needs to run for President of the World.

Not only does this magnificant woman with the southern drawl NOT know what Trader Joe’s is, housing density is, or that Visalia even had a historical district, her last name is Wheeler and she is in a wheelchair, and that makes her absolutely ROCK.

This amazing woman has to be seen to be believed, and boy do I wish I could recommend the KSEE 24 link to all y’all. But nooooooo.

[EDIT: More local election information is here.]


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