Comedy at Howies? And it’s not Mandell?

I have never conceived of the day that Howie and Sons would have an all-comedy roundup. So I am intrigued. Is this a first? And the most important question is: will it be lame?

It’s got Comedy Central written all over it, and Sound n Vision rarely disappoints, so sources point to no. But will crowds eat up pizza parlor jokes like the gooey greasy garlic cheese pizzas they order — because they’re there, not because they really want it?

You decide.

—————– Bulletin Message —————–
From: Sound n Vision Mag!
Date: Sep 24, 2007 8:27 PM

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Pleaseeasaur (Seattle)
Gary Lee (Visalia)
$5, All Ages, 9:30pm
Howie & Son’s Pizza & Beer Parlor

Known as “America’s Funnyman” hard-working comedian Neil Hamburger has toured the world. In 2006 alone, Hamburger performed a record 420 shows. He recently opened for Tenacious D during their Pick of Destiny Tour. In the movie, The Pick of Destiny, Hamburger made a brief cameo appearance before Tenacious D came on stage to perform. Neil Hamburger is also frequently on Comedy Central’s “Poolside Chats” w/ Tom Green.

His approach to stand-up comedy is very unique. He creates a lot of tension by continuously clearing his throat and sustaining long, awkward pauses, which causes the audience to hang on his every word. His routine goes on many crazy tangents, and is often altered on the spot to incorporate the crowd. We are excited to have him at Howie’s Pizza because Neil has already dedicated a whole album “Great Moments At Di Presa’s Pizza House” to pizza parlor related jokes. I can’t think of a cooler venue for him than Howie & Son’s Pizza!
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Neil’s touring support is Seattle’s, Pleaseeasaur. Pleaseeasaur is an astonishing two-man entertainment strike-force comprised of performer/musician JP Hasson and projectionist/costume designer/multimedia extraordinaire Thomas Hurley III. The duo recently signed a 7 year contract with the prestigious Comedy Central. The dynamic duo specializes in the absurd…and the absurdly funny.

The evening’s first performer will be Visalia local Gary Lee.

Gary Lee performed a short comedy routine during the VAM Festival that went over so well that I absolutely had to put him on the Neil Hamburger bill. Gary is a young and determined local comedian on the rise.

Hope to see you there,


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