The candidates forum will be televised

Apparently, there will be a forum of Visalia city council candidates at at El Diamante High School from 7-9 p.m. Sept. 24 (that’s this Monday). And the good news is that it will be televised on KSEE 24, or Comcast channel 195, or, depending on who you believe. I’m quite stoked about the webcast, I don’t think that’s ever been done in Visalia before. (Has it?) However, I also hear a rumor that for some stupid reason, you have to click on the “Weather” section of to view it. I guess because this candidate forum will come at you like a hurricane or something. :/

Anyway, all 7 candidates said they will be attending:

Bob Link (the incumbent)
Timothy Fosberg
Mike Lane
Rusty Barker
Amy Shuklian
Roland Lee Soltesz
Mary Wheeler

(if anyone knows of any candidate websites I’m missing, please email me at visaliasnark at yahoo daught calm.)

It’s interesting to note that the only thing I remember from any of these candidates is this article. Basically, Mike Lane lashed out at the parents of a group of kids arrested for having a brawl at school, saying the parents should be the ones held responsible. Candidates reacted. This will probably be hot topic #1 at the forum, since it seems like there’s not much else to talk about these candidates. Hopefully this debate will reveal more differences and make the choice a little more clear for us voters.

Download a list of all this year’s candidates in the area for any position, ever.

(Side note: The next candidate forum will be for the school board of trustees: 7-9 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 8, at the Mill Creek Conference Center, also known as the Elks Club Lodge. I think it’s still the same deal, with KSEE covering it on television and such.)



  1. DJ Castaway Said:

    Thanks for the info..
    I’m starting to feel that all citizens should be aware and help in the decision process of this city and beyond.
    Thanks for the link to to 94.1
    I’m working with them and hoping that we can raise awareness about this election through the radio.

  2. […] for the other candidates, I was surprised to hear that my standout candidates from the debate of yestermonth didn’t do so well at the Oval, Barkos says. I thought Mike Lane and Amy Shuklian really made […]

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