1000 Hands project — an amazing event

You have to check this out. (or this.) This is a playground that Visalia kids DESIGNED. And you’re going to help build it!

This is a really great project that I’ve personally volunteered for and will definitely volunteer again. It’s happening this week and this week only, so get off your lazy ass and go do something for the greater good. If you want to hammer things, drill things, lift things and piece things together while getting dirty and dusty with your neighbors that you never talk to and will probably never meet again, this is THE event for you.

You can volunteer any time from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. today through Sunday. Show up for one of 3 shifts: 8-12, 12-5 or 5-8. It’s at the new Visalia sports park on Dinuba Blvd. and Riggin Ave. in north Visalia. It don’t cost you a dime, you get some food for your time, and you have the priviledge of knowing your hands built something super duper awesome.

For more info, call 713-4384.

Seriously. if you have a bit of spare time this week, DO IT.


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