Our Valley. Our Choice.

So I sat my poor ass down in Borders and read all evening over a cup of coffee. The only place cheaper is the library, and they don’t allow drinks in there, out of fear they would spill it on their only copy of WordPerfect for Dummies 1990.

I spent some decent time perusing the usual piles of paperbacks they have by the register, and after coming face to face with supposedly the world’s worst dog yet again, I came across this book:

Our Valley. Our Choice.

I thought it was going to be another sort of local-author-finds-vanity-press sort of book. I was mistaken. It’s actually quite good. And informative. And visually appealing.

It’s published by the Great Valley Center, which is a nonprofit “supporting the economic, social and environmental well-being of California’s Great Central Valley.” Good enough for me.

If you don’t like reading (like many other Visalians — admit it, it’s true) this is still a great book. Lots of charts and pictures and blurbs and really great, stylish graphics throughout. It’s like “An Inconvenient Truth” for the Central Valley. And if I had any money on me, I would totally go out and buy it.

However, full disclosure, if you buy it through the Amazon link I posted, perhaps one day I will.


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