Newspapers, magazines, and publications, oh my!

I have a humongo stack of Visalia-area publications in the other room, but I am far too lazy to go in and dig it up at the moment. Luckily my freshest stack of pulp-based local media is right by my desk, so I thought that either as a service to you or a venting mechanism for me, I would list everything I’ve got at the moment (and what I remember having in the room 10 yards away):

  • Visalia Times-Delta, the only daily publication in the area, owned by the huge-ass Gannett corporation. For a local daily, it does its job at reporting the daily news, and the website has improved big time over the years with forums and text messages and email newsletters, etc., but there’s this little problem:
  • Valley Voice, a weekly paper who is known for scooping the daily Times-Delta. All. The. Time. (If only they would consider a redesign and publish articles I’m actually interested in, I just might read the damn thing!)
  • Tulare Advance-Register, practically the same thing as the Times-Delta only the word “Visalia” is replaced with “Tulare” in the articles. Also owned by Gannett.
  • South Valley Fresno Bee. They seem to have more room for longer stories, which is good. Still not as widely read as the other publications, but probably should be.
  • Tulare County Magazine, from the folks that brought you the Times-Delta and Advance-Register. Usually has some decent profiles on the big names in the community. Also features articles on food, pets and whatever they think passes as fashion for rich white women.
  • Visalia Lifestyles, from these people. Hyper-glossy and aimed at upscale living.
  • Visalia Direct, again, will these people ever shut up? Not-so-glossy newsprint mag that tries to peddle advertising as articles. Not cool.
  • Sound and Vision Magazine (myspace), from local legend and indie rock god Vernal Falls to promote his latest live music shows.
  • Alien Vice, an awesome independent art zine.
  • Visalia Buzz, which must be done by a bored stay-at-home mom because it’s 1) printed on one huge bright yellow sheet, 2) typed up in some cutesy font and 3) crap.
  • The Valley Conservative, a paper whose all-caps headlines and cut-and-pasted articles from Ann Coulter and Oliver North give a voice to all those poor disenfranchised and voiceless valley Republicans.
  • Vox Pop Influentials, a magazine that I found in the middle of nowhere on complete accident. It’s hard to find and it looks like any other magazine (again with the gloss!), but they do have some interesting profiles and columnists. Like most glossy publications around here, it’s published by an ad agency, this one named Latronico. I don’t trust ad agencies to be anything other than self-serving. (Hey, you’re a client and you want an ad designed and published? Umm, let me whip something up real quick…)
  • Visalia Chamber of Commerce, with articles aimed at local businesses acts more like a business-to-business newsletter than anything, other than:
  • ROI Sequoia Valley, Visalia’s only true business-to-business magazine and published by the Times-Delta and Advance-Register, again. You can’t get it off the streets, but you can access it online, or else you have to at least pretend to be involved in business to get a subscription.
  • Senior Advocate, geared towards the elderly. For the most part it’s news you can find anywhere else, but there’s a couple of local resources listed in some articles.
  • Vital Signs, a magazine put out by Kaweah Delta District Hospital. Has some good health articles that you can get anywhere, and a few local spins here and there. Unfortunately, it’s put out by these people again.
  • Your Health, an atrocious magazine that passes plastic surgery and other hideously unnatural medical procedures as “health information.” It doesn’t look local at all but it barely passes the mark by including the words Tulare County on the cover. The Times-Delta should be ashamed of themselves for publishing this tripe.
  • Central California Parent, more Fresno-based than Visalia but still has some local family events and other parenting articles you could find anywhere.
  • News Link, if we’re going to go for Fresno-based stuff, is a GLBT newspaper distributed at Borders in Visalia.
  • A bazillion trillion classified stuff like and real estate listings and Thrifty Nickel which are only of use when you’re buying a car, looking for estate or thrifting your nickels.
  • There’s a couple more that I remember seeing in recent times, but I’m not sure they’re around anymore: there was a Christian magazine or two, one distributed at Coffee Co and another at Watson’s Veggie Garden; then there was a Visalia Wedding magazine which was from these people YET AGAIN; then there were several whose fates I know for a fact to be finito.

All this stuff that’s killing trees, and yet no big, centralized, all-encompassing online publication out there. There’s a few at the Times-Delta website (I’m a particular fan of Mike Hazelwood’s), but they seem like in their own separate world. And I won’t discount all the good myspace stuff out there, but again, they’re in their own little world too.

Hopefully, perhaps, if this website/blog is successful, maybe this will be a good step in the right direction.

[EDIT: I should add the two publications I mentioned in my previous blog, which are Valley Trends and What’s Up Central California. Of the two, I appreciate Valley Trends more because it actually has interesting articles. Sort of fluffy, but they highlight some good parts of the community. WUCC is run by the people at and is basically another way to advertise the events they sell tickets for. Both magazines are too glossy for my taste, but whatchagonnado.]


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