COS hosts Philosophy Talk

COS Arts and Lectures series is at it again. They really bring some amazing stuff to little ol’ Visalia. Like this, taken from

Philosophy Talk

The program that questions everything
…except your intelligence.

Sep. 14 , 7:00PM
COS Theater
$5 / ASB Free

“Philosophy Talk, a weekly, one-hour radio series, will be recording an episode live at the COS Theater. The hosts’ down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach brings the richness of philosophic thought to everyday subjects. Topics for past programs have been lofty (Truth, Beauty, Justice), arresting (Terrorism, Intelligent Design, Suicide), and engaging (Baseball, Love, Happiness).

This is not a lecture or a college course, it’s philosophy in action! Philosophy Talk is a fun opportunity to explore issues of importance to the audience in a thoughtful, friendly fashion, where thinking is encouraged.

Ken Taylor is Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Stanford University. His work lies at the intersection of the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind, with an occasional foray into the history of philosophy.

John Perry is Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a recipient of many honors and awards, including the Nicod and Humboldt Prizes. A popular lecturer, in 1990 he was awarded the Dinkelspiel Award for undergraduate teaching.”


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